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I’ve got a lot of submissions. 

I promise I’ll get them up, I just need to make a new background they can go on. :P And I’ve been sick and I recently had a death in the family, so I apologize for the wait, guys. 

I’ll have some up for you soon

"Here’s a tip:                 When Maura Isles offers you her kidney,                      YOU ACCEPT IT AND YOU CHERISH IT!” 

And you love it with all of your heart because it’s Maura Isles’ kidney and she just gave it to you jaskldjlkajdal WHY WOULD YOU REJECT IT? 

"Shut the front door!"

Castle fans also say it, but that’s besides the point. ;D

Take a moment out of your day of fangirling over the fact that the new Official Rizzoli and Isles TNT blog is reblogging gayness, to submit some shit. c:

Sasha probably runs it, she’s probably looking through the tags and laughing evilly to herself while the fandom is blowing up. 

She’s probably like;

While we’re all like;

and Janet’s probably like, SASHA WAT ARE U DOING WITH ALL THE GAY?

and she’ll be like, doing my duty as captain of this ship…

aijdlkajdlkajdlka so while you guys submit stuff…

"Will Work For Food Vanilla Rizzles!”

Because Rondo is my spirit animal tbh
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No, seriously though. You should win a prize. I could totes make you a Rizzles trophy/badge thing if you wanted. 

Or, like a Rizzles prompt/story whatever. Send it on over to my main (x

Or if you want the badge thing, or an actual drawn trophy, tell me. 

Or ya now, this is basically a promo. 

I don’t know. Do you want a prize?

'Cause I feel like you should get one. 

For being awesome and all. 

Also a round of applause for xxmisguidedghostsxx being our 301st follower, cutting it close. :P 

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any bright ideas? Feel free to give me suggestions while I’m taking a long nap. (I just got home from work and I’m really tired) Also do some submitting. 

And check out these blogs~

URL says it all, I would think. lol

A fanfiction/fanvideo/fanart recommendation blog. 
(i swear i shouldn’t be allowed to create blogs tbh)

"Inappropriate Wednesday…Hump day”

I should have posted this on Wednesday, but meh. xD
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Thanks, love! C: I appreciate it. I hope you continue to enjoy~

"I wish I’d gone to college with Maura…."